Ultrasonic Cleaner for Robotic and Tubular Surgical Instruments

Patented cleaning method for cleaning da Vinci® instruments as well as tubular surgical instruments.

The No. 1211X SurgiSonic® Cleaning Machine combines ultrasonic cleaning action with suction to clean the inside and outside of tubular surgical instruments. For da Vinci® instruments, a patented dual hook-up method was created for independently cleaning both the distal and the proximal segmented areas at the same time.  Three daVinci® instrument can be cleaned simultaneously.

Ultrasonic action dislodges stubborn debris and suction draws it out of even the most impacted instruments. Every tubular instrument cleaned by the SurgiSonic® machine has its own dedicated suction chamber, filter, and suction pump to assure that maximum cleaning power is applied equally to each instrument being cleaned. Another unique feature of the SurgiSonic® Machine is that when debris is sucked out of the instrument it is then immediately trapped in a 70 micron filter before the cleaning solution is returned to the ultrasonic tank.

The 1211X SurgiSonic® cleans up to three robotic instrument at the same time and six tubular instruments at the same time, including large bariatric instruments, ranging in size from 1.7mm to 12mm in diameter. It is equipped with 6 suction chambers, 6 small/6 medium/and 6 large holed insertion nipples, 6 disposable filters, 6 suction pumps, and a drain tube; an instrument basket is optional. It also comes with an operating manual and a repair manual. All repairs can easily be done in the hospital, and all repair parts are shipped next day air.

Ultrasonic Tank Size: 30 Wide x 8 Front to Back x 6 inches Deep
Overall Size: 16 Wide x 16 Front to Back x 6 inches Tall
Electrical: 400 Watts, 110/120 VAC, Hospital Grade Power Cord

SurgiSonic® 1211X Independent Test Lab Summary Report exceeded AAMI TIR 30 standard for
cleaning effectiveness. REVIEW TEST Summary report.