Enzyme Concentrate

SurgiSoak® Enzyme Concentrate is a non-corrosive pH neutral (6.5 + or – 0.5) low suds, low residue, proteolytic enzyme detergent; which can be used in automated machines. A unique feature of SurgiSoak® is that it contains a wetting agent designed to penetrate the surface tension of dried bio-burden. This allows the proteolytic enzymes to penetrate through the hardened surface of the debris so it can reach and dissolve more of the bio-burden mass.

SurgiSoak® is very economical to use. Just mix one ounce of SurgiSoak® to every one gallon of water used. One gallon of SurgiSoak® makes 128 gallons of cleaning solution.

SurgiSoak® has been tested and recommended by one of the largest manufacturers of surgical instruments and scopes. It is also used by one of the largest off-sight instrument cleaning facilities in America.