SurgiSonic® Dual Cleaning Method

Cleans both ends of a da Vinci® Instrument at the same time

SurgiSonic® 1211X Inservice YouTube Video

This basic SurgiSonic® 1211X in-service will 1) identify the machine parts and how to set up the machine, 2) how to clean regular tubular surgical instruments, 3) how to clean loose instruments, 4) how to clean robotic tubular surgical instruments using our patented technology.

PART IV:  SurgiSonic® 1211X For Cleaning da Vinci® Robotic Tubular Instruments

Patented Cleaning Process – Independently Tested for Cleaning Effectiveness; exceeded AAMI TIR 30.

Because a tight seal separates the jaw/pulley end from the shaft/control box end, TBJ, Inc. has developed a patented dual hook-up method for independently cleaning both the distal and the proximal segmented areas of a *da Vinci® robotic instrument at the same time. Three *da Vinci® robotic instruments, including the S, Si, or Xi, can be cleaned at the same time using this dual hook-up method.

NOTE: Rinse all robotic instruments under running water before and after cleaning and rinsing them in the SurgiSonic® 1211X.

Two different types of suction chambers are used for this dual hook-up method.

#3315 SurgiScrub® scrubbing
chamber with #3212 nipple


Before cleaning

After cleaning

1. The multi-holed #3315 SurgiScrub® scrubbing chamber, fitted with the #3212 medium hole latex free rubber nipple, was specifically designed to clean the segmented tool end of a *da Vinci® robotic instrument. The smaller inside diameter and the multiple holes drilled in the SurgiScrub® scrubbing chamber allows fluid to be sucked into the chamber in such a way as to maximize the scrubbing and removal of debris from the intricate jaw and pulley areas of the *da Vinci® robotic instrument.

NOTE: The multi-holed #3315 SurgiScrub® scrubbing chamber can only be used to clean the distal tool-end of a segmented robotic surgical instrument; as it cannot create the kind of unrelenting suction power that is needed to remove debris from the interior shaft of any type of tubular surgical instruments.

2. The #3212 SurgiSuction® suction chamber applies maximum suction to the shaft of tubular instruments.

The # 3200 male to male luer slip
connector is used to attach the control
box/and shaft of the da Vinci® robotic
instrument to the # 3312 SurgiSuction™
suction chamber

The # 3312 SurgiSuction™ suction 
chamber was designed to apply a
maximum amount of suction to the
interior shaft of robotic & non-robotic
tubular instruments

 Remove the three SurgiSuction™ suction chambers from the plastic filter tubing on the left hand side.
· Attach a #3212 medium hole rubber nipple onto each of the three #3315 SurgiScrub® scrubbing chambers.
· Attach the three fitted SurgiScrub® scrubbing chambers to the filter tubing on the left hand side.

 Attach a #3212 medium hole rubber nipple onto each of the three #3312 SurgiSuction™ suction chambers that are already attached to the right side filter tubing.


The same set-up instructions apply for attaching the S, Si and Xi *da Vinci® instruments to the SurgiSonic®

1. Close drain valve.
2. Fill ultrasonic tank with 5 gallons of warm, 115° water. 

3. Add 5 oz. of SurgiSoak® enzyme cleaner.
4. Plug machine into a 110/120 VAC wall outlet.
5. Insert the entire jaw/pulley area of the *da Vinci® robotic instrument into the SurgiScrub® scrubbing chamber.
6. Insert one end of the male to male luer slip connector into the #2, output, hole of the *da Vinci® control box. Next, insert the other end of the male to male luer slip connector into the medium hole rubber nipple that has been fitted onto the SurgiSuction® suction chamber. Holding both ends, carefully lower instrument into tank.

7. Cover tank with lid.
8. Set pump speed to normal.
9. Set timer dial for 15 minutes.

NOTE: A fast speed 30 minute cycle is recommended for cleaning clogged instruments for the first time.
NOTE: NEVER clean loose instruments at the same time as inserted tubular instrument!

Insert luer slip connector into #2 hole of the control box.
Insert other end into the fitted SurgiSuction® suction chamber.

1. With timer off; open drain valve to empty cleaning solution from the ultrasonic tank.
2. Cose drain valve.
3. Refill tank with 5 gallons of water.
4. Repeat instrument setup.
5. Cover tank.
6. Set pump speed to normal.
7. Set timer for 5 minutes.

*da Vinci® is a trademark of Intuitive Surgical Inc.