TBJ’s SurgiClean division is made up of a group of unique Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems and accessories designed specifically for cleaning difficult to clean surgical instruments.

The product line is comprised of three product groups.

SurgiSonic® and SurgiClean® Counter top Ultrasonic Cleaners.

The 1211X SurgiSonic Ultrasonic Cleaner
The 1211X is a counter top ultrasonic cleaner designed to clean the interior and exteriors of all tubular surgical instruments including laparoscopic instruments, da Vinci robotic instruments, GI forceps, flexible bone reamers, etc. It uses ultrasonic cleaning action and suction to remove and trap debris. Each instrument has its own suction chamber, filter, and suction pump and will clean six tubular instruments at the same time or three robotic instrument at the same time.

The 1320 SurgiClean® Instrument Basket Ultrasonic Cleaner
The No. 1320 is a counter top ultrasonic cleaner designed to accommodate all sizes of instrument baskets to clean regular non tubular surgical instruments.

The 1312 SurgiClean® Eye Instrument Ultrasonic Cleaner
The No. 1312 is a counter top ultrasonic cleaner designed to be a dedicated ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean just eye instruments. It is recommended that eye instruments have a separate dedicated cleaning machine to reduce the chance of cross contamination.

SurgiSoak® Enzyme Concentrate.

SurgiSoak® enzyme cleaner is a co-product to our ultrasonic cleaning machines. It is designed to break down protein when used as a pre-soak in instrument trays and as an enzyme detergent in ultrasonic equipment. One of the major off site instrument cleaning operations in the US uses over 50 cases of SurgiSoak® per month.

SurgiClean® Ultrasonic Cleaning Pouches.

SurgiClean® ultrasonic cleaning pouches were designed to eliminate losing small expensive parts down an ultrasonic drain. They are made of ultra-fine stainless steel mesh which will magnify the ultrasonic waves. They are also a substitute for a basket and organizer for separating instruments when cleaning.

TBJ also holds patents on several accessories used to enhance the cleaning process of difficult to clean tubular and robotic instruments.


Patent No. US 9,144,469 System for cleaning robotic surgical instruments.

This patent covers being able to clean both ends of a da Vinci instrument at the same time. With most all tubular instruments, you can apply suction to the tool end of the instrument and clean both the tool end and shaft at the same time. Robotic instruments (da Vinci), however, have a very tight seal between the tool end of the instrument and shaft. This patent covers a dual hook-up method of cleaning a da Vinci instrument. One suction pump/chamber cleans the shaft of the instrument and another suction pump/chamber creates a water spray which in essence water picks the tool end of the instrument clean. This method was proven effective by Highpower validation labs.

Patent No. US 9,216,064 System for cleaning robotic surgical instruments.

This patent covers the SurgiScrub® Scrubbing chamber used to clean the tool end of the da Vinci instrument.

Patent No. US 7,794,146 Ultrasonic Cleaning pouch

This patent covers our stainless steel mesh ultrasonic cleaning pouches.